Let me introduce myself.

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In late 2016, I joined Teslarati as a reporter and digital media consultant. I'm currently the VP of Business Development, leading strategic partnerships, content development, email newsletters, and subscription programs. Staying current on all elements of the media business is my top priority. We continuously adjust and position our company to best capture growth and improve the experience for our millions of readers. In my spare time, I talk about the future of mobility with industry leaders and share exciting stories with our audience. 

Being a full-time student at the Daniels' College of Business, I regularly intertwine my professional experiences from AdaptBN and Teslarati into my daily coursework. This unique experience allows me to maximize my education and apply learnings in real-time at a business with customers around the globe. 

Teslarati is an emerging media company covering all things related to Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon Musk. I manage various aspects of the business, core areas of focus are audience and revenue growth. Since joining the company, our audience has grown eight-fold through diversified channels. In 2017, we launched the Teslarati Branded Content Studio, a division that helps tell exciting stories for cutting-edge brands. Now in 2018, we're developing a variety of D2C strategies to build a better relationship with our loyal audience and diversify our revenue streams. Specifically, we've launched a revenue-generating subscription product to our most loyal fans. Our subscription is currently available to a private audience and will be public by the end of 2018. 

From September 2017 to July 2018 I started and ran a local news startup called AdaptBN. At AdaptBN I built a world-class technology stack and reading experience that rivaled national news sites. During operation, AdaptBN had an editorial team of four, several hundred paying subscribers, and produced 260+ news pieces from on-the-ground reporting. 


Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom [11:31 September 17, 2018]

Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom [11:31 September 17, 2018]



Ballachulish, Scotland, United Kingdom [12:31 October 23, 2018]

Ballachulish, Scotland, United Kingdom [12:31 October 23, 2018]


Bloomington, Illinois [10:34 December 20, 2017]

Bloomington, Illinois [10:34 December 20, 2017]

My Skills:



Cheddar TV at the New York Stock Exchange [10:23 March 21, 2018]

Cheddar TV at the New York Stock Exchange [10:23 March 21, 2018]

Since June 2016, I’ve given financial commentary on Cheddar TV 17+ times. Through these interviews I’ve been able to effectively communicate on the spot and stay on the talking points. In addition to being interviewed, I have extensive experience interviewing a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Executives at Rivian, General Motors, Alta Motors, SF Motors, NIO, and Lucid Motors, to local business owners and politicians.

Strategic Marketing

AdaptBN Marketing and Branding Materials [January 10, 2018]

AdaptBN Marketing and Branding Materials [January 10, 2018]

From branding, to creatives and media buys I’ve gotten my hands into several facets of the modern marketing landscape. At AdaptBN I created and ran a 5-figure marketing budget and actively tracked our progress. On the flip side, at Teslarati I’ve sold and managed several advertising campaigns for clients ranging from tech startups to Fortune 50 companies. At Teslarati I assisted in launching our branded content studio and cutting-edge native advertising products.



New York Stock Exchange [10:15 March 21, 2018]

New York Stock Exchange [10:15 March 21, 2018]

While focusing my academics on strategy marketing and supply chain management, I have deep interest in finance. When I was 13 years old I decided to invest my lawn mowing earnings into the markets and haven’t looked back ever since. I have experience in creating financial projections, project budgeting, payroll and accounting.


Discussing the rapidly evolving Chinese automotive industry with NIO CEO, William Li, at the Shanghai Auto Show [4:37 April, 16 2019]

Discussing the rapidly evolving Chinese automotive industry with NIO CEO, William Li, at the Shanghai Auto Show [4:37 April, 16 2019]

Driven by my innate interest in the emerging mobility sector, I’ve conducted in-depth research studies and written in-depth articles. From 2013 to 2017, I conducted annual Tesla owners surveys reaching over 1100 owners, creating one of the most extensive surveys on the brand’s perception and buying trends. Using the data from my surveys, I was able to predict the massive demand for Tesla’s Model 3, estimating that the company would receive over 100,000 reservations within 24-hours (which they beat significantly). The highest internal estimate at the company was 50,000 reservations.


Over the past few years I’ve written several hundred articles for Teslarati and AdaptBN. Here’s a few of my favorites.

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