Here at Prenzler Capital we have a unique investment perspective and capitalize both the public markets and private markets. Our investment goals are grounded in sound research and analysis, we want to grow our capital while making a positive impact on the world. Below is a snapshot of some of our largest and most promising investments.



Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla motors is the world's leading automotive manufacturer and the world's largest battery manufacturer. Tesla currently is specializing in electric vehicle production while branching out into the energy storage business. Additionally, Tesla is in the process of acquiring Solarcity (SCTY), the world's largest solar installer. Solarcity specializes in financing and installing solar and is in the process of becoming a solar panel manufacturer. 

We own positions in both Tesla Motors and Solarcity, and look forward to their combination later this year.

Square Inc. (SQ)

Square Inc. is one of the most innovative small business platforms. With a large percentage of revenue coming from payment transaction services, Square helps thousands of business generate revenue. Additionally, Square offering software and data products, and a new micro lending platform: Square Capital. We believe that Square will continue to be successful through their expansion of offered services.


T-Mobile US (TMUS)

T-Mobile US is the leading US wireless carrier in terms of subscriber growth and network advancements. While T-Mobile is the 3rd largest carrier, behind Verizon and AT&T, we view it as the best growth investment in the telecom industry. 

Private Investments

We are looking for new innovative companies ready to disrupt large industries. By arming founders and their teams with the resources and connections they need, we can accomplish massive goals. 

Our Fund's Performance in 2016:

As we close out a fantastic year our fund performed extremely well with a net gain of over 43%. We are excited to see what 2017 brings us as the markets continue to evolve.