Photo: Christian Prenzler


- Opened in 1988

- 2.4 million sq. ft.

- Peak Production: 222,000 vehicles (6 different models) in 2000

- All-in-one production facility: Paint, stamping, plastics, body, and assembly

- Almost 400 robots under house

Why Should Tesla Buy the Plant?

Benefits for Tesla Motors:

  • Large capacity plant for a fraction of the cost of a new plant
  • Land to grow on and off the campus of the plant (Unused pavement north of plant is large enough for a gigafactory)
  • Considerably lower cost of living (See Gallery Below)
  • Railway on-site
  • Central Location in the US
  • Capacity could reach close to 350,000 in single model production
  • Large Test Track on-site
  • Airport Nearby*

Considerably lower cost of living will be extremely attractive to employees when comparing the cost of living in both Fremont, CA and Sparks, NV.

#1 State for Rail and Highway accessibility*

#2 Distribution hubs*

#5 in availability of skilled labor*

6.5% effective tax in capital intensive manufacturing (CA: 17.7%, NV: 21.6%)**

Cost of doing business rank: 29 (CA: 49, NV: 24)***



Data Provided AreaVibes 

What will Tesla be able to do with the plant?


  • Fremont, CA will be maxed out in 2020 with about 450,000-500,000/yr. 
  • Overhaul of MMNA will take about 2 years with the earliest date to open would be 2017.5
  • Target acquisition price should be in the range of: $15 million-$25 million
  • Investment into tooling and revamping the factory could cost as much as $125 million 
  • Tesla would produce about 300,000/yr. at the plant
  • Tesla could also produce their stationary storage in the factory which would ensure that the Fremont factory stays efficient and focused
  • At full capacity the plant's employment should be over 5,000

What could attract Tesla here?


- TIF on the factory for 5 years

- Bring new renewable energy to Bloomington-Normal (Windmills)

- Start work without a Union (Tesla has had no ban on unionization, the workers simply aren't interested in unionizing) This would be a deal breaker

- State sales tax abatement on equipment (Local, State, and municipality) 

- Convince an airline to fly San Francisco- CIRA (Virgin America, Jet Blue) weekly or twice weekly flights

- Use 50% of TIF Fund to directly improve the roads for autonomous testing

What impact would Tesla have on our community?


  • 3,800 net job gain with average pay at $45,000 and total salary impact at $171,000,000 (5,000 employed full capacity)
  • Expect $1,500,000 in property taxes post TIF incentive (Increase of roughly $900,000)
  • Innovative large company to grow and foster in Bloomington-Normal Potentially setting a number of related projects in motion similar to what is happening in Sparks/Reno, NV
  • Fosters an environment for a large amount of growth, VC’s-StartUps



* Area Development

** Tax Foundation: Location Matters

*** CNBC Best Business states 2015