The Future of Transportation:

NextMobility is the only media site focused on the emerging mobility sector. We are incredibly focused on delivering the highest-quality news on everything happening in the mobility industry. While like all startups, nothing is perfect in the beginning, NextMobility is designed for the future and will be continually improved.

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Phase 1: The NextMobility Podcast

NextMobility has the leading podcast covering the emerging mobility space. With discussions from executives from General Motors, Alta Motors, Wrightspeed,, and more!

Season 2: Early 2018

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Phase 2: NextMobility Digital

After running a market test mid-2017, the NextMobility site will relaunch in late-2018 with in-depth coverage on the emerging market. More news to follow.

Clear Branding and Focus

NextMobility is built from the ground up to cover everything happening in the mobility industry. The automotive industry is changing right before our eyes, electrification of vehicles is clearly the future and automation of vehicles will change the way we use, own and operate our vehicles. NextMobility understands this path and we will be right on the sidelines covering everything you need to know about this massive change. 

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Insatiable Design

NextMobility is built on flexible architecture for future modification and changes. We have a clear focus on the user experience of our site and will continue to put that first. Stay tuned for continued updates and design changes to the site. 

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Content you actually want to see

NextMobility is focused on bringing valuable content to our audience, not click-bait. We search for incredible stories to tell and ground-breaking news to share. Nothing less.