Early Indications Show Strong Model 3 Demand

Tesla has long been striving to create a long range mass market electric vehicle. On March 31st, Tesla will reveal the first glimpse of this vehicle and begin taking orders. 

The only things we know about the vehicle are as follows: 200+ mile range, $35K pre-incentive MSRP, approx. 20% smaller than Model S.

Tesla's Tease for the Model 3 Reveal

Tesla's Tease for the Model 3 Reveal

Current Tesla owners will be given priority in the order line (it's unclear whether this goes for Tesla employees too). According to preliminary results of my ongoing Tesla owner survey, roughly 50% of Tesla owners plan to put down a deposit. 

Thats roughly 55,000 orders...

Those won't be the only people ordering the Model 3. Friends, family, jealous colleagues, and even strangers will be logging online March 31st/April 1 to place their Model 3 order. Why? The single most common question a Tesla owner receives: "Is there a cheaper Tesla available? When will there be?" Now, those owners can say, "Yes, go order yours now! Before the line is too long! Run! (or click!)"

Other reports are suggesting that a significant portion of Tesla employees will also be putting down deposits. (Story here) It is also very clear through Tesla's language in their blog that they are expecting extremely large demand.

So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that their will be 100,000 orders for the Model 3 within 24 hours of opening up the online deposit portal...

You heard it here first :)

- Christian P.

P.S. Tesla please don't let your servers crash due to large demand ;)